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Filipino Martial Arts

Filipino Martial Arts training is based upon the traditional armed fighting combat system of the Philippines. Modern Filipino arts incorporate arnis (stick, knife, staff, dulo dulo, karambit, other traditional weapons), along with dumog (grappling) and panantukan (Filipino dirty boxing)

You can specialise in whichever aspect of Filipino martial arts interests you as a private class for yourself or share with family and friends.

Private training is available with senior Freestyle instructors and Filipino arts have a strong presence in Freestyle classes.

Strategic Science of Self Defence.

Filipino Martial Arts for Adults

Filipino Martial Arts explores the finer components of balance, priority, discovery and coordination through self defense, health and fitness.

Weapons classes are low impact and highly tactical to challenge your co-ordination and thinking.

Filipino / XMA Class Times

Private Training

Filipino Martial Arts may train in groups or privately as individual.

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