Freestyle Martial Arts

Online Martial Arts Classes

We are excited to announce the addition of an online option to take the classes in the comfort of your own homes.

Freestyle is a modern self defence based system with all the benefits of Martial Arts. Classes are fun and friendly where members work at their own pace.

Class is suitable for all ages and levels of skill – from beginners, intermediates, and advanced with a separate class for Black belts & Dan ranks.

Online Freestyle Martial Arts

Australian Freestyle Martial Arts (AFMA) is based on principles from Martial Arts worldwide. Boxing, Karate, Muay Thai, Kali and Grappling are blended into one unique, effective self defence based discipline.

The program was developed by Principal Rick O’Brien (Diploma of Sports Coaching) with over 40 years of professional experience in coaching in workplaces, victims of crime, schools, and security groups throughout Australia.

Effective and fun!

Classes improve physical and mental health. Personal awareness, resilience, independence, strength, and self-confidence are also developed, with classes held in a fun and challenging environment designed to bring out the best in everyone!

Our online sessions typically last 45 minutes. The instructor demonstrates, observes and gives helpful feedback to encourage students to improve.

Typical session will see members start with a warm up exercise, learn core skills, pad, and stick work. Class ends with an intense cool down session.

Classes are held every Mondays and Wednesdays via Zoom (click here for session times). Call us at 9464 4546 to book a FREE online introductory class and get the sign up details.

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