Adult Boxing Classes

Improve every type of physical capacity: strength, power, coordination, aerobic fitness, anaerobic fitness and endurance with Proactive Boxing!

Suitable for all skill levels with our professional trainers who will get your skills to the best you can be.

Suitable for all ages, men and woman Proactive classes are safe, challenging and will give you endorphins and a buzz that makes this type of training absolutely perfect for any fitness level from beginner to advanced.

Proactive offers modern and traditional training equipment; heavy bags, speed-balls, spring-ball, wall bags, pear bags, elbow balls, uppercut bag, and medicine-ball work plus sparring in the ring!

Proactive Boxing

A typical Proactive Boxing session stimulates all muscle groups, and provides the perfect combination of aerobic (with oxygen) and anaerobic (short-burst, without oxygen) exercise. Indeed, the boxers’ workout is guaranteed to get anyone into the best shape of their lives.

To perfect the basic boxing skills while developing the stamina to survive three, three-minute rounds of sparing (actual fighting in a controlled gym-setting to prepare for the real thing), one needs to be supremely conditioned and strong enough to throw powerful punches from round one through to three.

Boxing classes involve:

Warm Up: Skipping
Skills: Footwork & Shadow Box
Striking technique & combinations
Defense & evasions
Drills: Focus Pad offense & defense
Boxing Glove Drills
Sparring (Note: controlled contact)
Workout: Heavy Bags, Uppercut Bag
Speed Ball, Floor mounted bags
Wall bag, Floor to ceiling balls
Strength: Push Ups, Chin Ups, dips, dumbbells
Cool down: light skip, stretch. Enjoy endorphins!

Class Times


8:15pm – 9:05pm


6:15pm – 7:05pm


8:15pm – 9:05pm

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