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Martial Masters

The Martial Masters introductory program offers mature adults a balanced approach to personal security, self defence, health and well being. Classes are fun and designed to cater for men and woman aged over 50.

Mondays 1:45 – 2:45 PM


Practical Skills

  • Warm up and joint loosening exercises that are fun and low impact.
  • Stretching for mobility, maintain range of movement and injury prevention.
  • Strength exercises that are progressive and personalized to suit you.
  • Gross motor skills for balance, power and efficient movement.
  • Self Defence skills, Unarmed combat based on simple, instinctive defensive and offensive skills in a very safe, yet effective manner.
  • Improvised weapon. Based on ‘Kali’, a Filipino stick fighting system that lends to self defence using everyday items.
  • Breathing and meditation that will relax both body and mind. After each session you will feel invigorated and ‘recharged’


ONLY $10 PER CLASS, Wear comfortable clothing and footwear for physical activity.

Seniors' Martial Arts Class Times


1:45pm – 2:45pm

Private Training

By Appointment

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John Leeson is a 4th Dan Black Belt. At 72 John understands how to keep healthy in body and mind through martial arts. John is a Diploma level coach with first aid and over 10 years teaching experience. The over 50’s Martial Masters program has been designed by John and proactive principal Rick O’Brien with the primarily objective of improving personal security, safety and physical well being for seniors in a low cost format. Invite your friends, the more the merrier!