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Teen Martial Arts

Proactive gives teens the opportunity to train in our combined Teen/ Adult Martial Arts program.

Classes cater for all levels of experience – from absolute beginners trying out Martial Arts for the first time, intermediates, through to advanced Black Belt.

Teen Martial Arts


Australian Freestyle Martial Arts (AFMA) offers a combined Teen/ Adult Martial Arts program.

Training alongside adults exposes teens to positive role models who will guide them towards becoming motivated, respectful, focused, and well-disciplined individuals. AFMA aims to improve personal awareness, resilience, independence, strength, and self-confidence with classes held in a fun and challenging environment designed to bring out the best in everyone!

The program was developed by Principal Rick O’Brien (Diploma of Sports Coaching) with over 40 years of professional experience in coaching in schools, youth groups, and teens with challenging behaviours.

Progressive learning

Teens can earn their White belt within their first few classes. AFMA’s progressive grading syllabus allows students to work their own pace and gain the skills required for each belt, until they ultimately reach Black Belt. Each grading acts as a stepping stone with each level becoming more challenging than the one before. The AFMA belt system cultivates goal-setting, motivation, and confidence.

Proactive also offers RPLs (Recognised Prior Learning) for those coming from different styles to seamlessly transition into AFMA.


Proactive Instructors are Qualified Sports Coaches with a minimum Cert III qualification, with current Working with Children Checks. Instructors are selected based on their passion as Black Belt role models who inspire teens to be better and strive harder to achieve their goals.

Proactive Teen Safe Program

The unfortunate reality is that it is not uncommon for teenagers to find themselves in unfamiliar or threatening situations.

Proactive also offers an assertive violence awareness and prevention program called Teen Safe, that includes topics such as assertive body language, fear management, verbal diffuse of an aggressor, as well as simple effective techniques for a variety of attack and harassment situations.

Self defence education empowers young adults and gives them essential tools to confidently interact with the many facets of modern society.

Interested in some healthy competition?

Teens who show dedication, consistency, and enthusiasm in their training can try out for Proactive’s Team Freestyle or the XMA Demo team.

*Minimum belt requirements applicable.

Teen Martial Arts: Class Times


6:00pm – 6:45pm

Intermediate / Advanced:
6:50pm – 7:40pm

Black Belt Class:
7:45pm – 8:40pm


All Levels:
7:30pm – 8:25pm


6:00pm – 6:50pm

Intermediate / Advanced:
6:50pm – 7:40pm


All Levels:
10:15pm – 11:10pm

Private Training

By Appointment

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