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Chick Boxing

Rally up your girlfriends and give Chickboxing a go! Proactive’s Ladies Only fitness class is open to all girls and women (13+) from all fitness levels – go at your own pace and push your limits!

Chickboxing incorporates a hybrid blend of Muay Thai, boxing, cardio, and self defence into a unique and awesome fitness class.

A great workout with a blend of kickboxing and cardio fitness

Chickboxing is a full body workout which works numerous muscle groups, improves aerobic and anaerobic fitness, while improving strength and conditioning.

Whether its the loud music pumping in the background, partnering up with a friend, or simply being in an environment where you can push yourself to your limits, Chickboxing is regarded as a highly engaging and fun class. The training space located on the 2nd level of the Proactive building in a private closed area to ensure privacy and personal comfort of our female members while they do the class. No spectators allowed.

Classes incorporate a timed circuit which includes cross training strength exercises using dumbbells, medicine balls, plyometrics, resistance training and core strength exercises. Proactive classes use the “Personal Best” principle – compete against yourself to push you towards your fitness goals.

We recommend wraps or finger less mitts for punchers, palm and open hand strikes. Bring a bottle of water – you’ll need it!

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