Muay Thai Kickboxing

Chick Boxing

Ladies only classes open to teens, sisters, mums and daughters.

Suitable for all fitness levels form low level fitness to high level athlete, working side by side.

A great workout with a blend of kickboxing and cardio fitness

A full body workout focusing on aerobic and anaerobic fitness conditioning. utilizing timed circuit, including bag circuit, as well as focus pad, Thai Pad & Kick bag workouts. Proactive classes use the “Personal Best” principal – competition against the self to assist and let yourself push to your goals.

Classes include cross training strength exercises using dumbbells, medicine balls, plyometrics, resistance training and core strength exercises.

We recommend wraps or finger less mitts for punchers, palm and open hand strikes. Bring a bottle of water – you’ll need it!

Women's Kickboxing Class Times


6:15pm – 7:05pm

Private Training

By Appointment

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