Self Defence

Victims of Crime

You are a survivor. We understand that feeling safe and confident is an integral part of the healing process. Proactive Self Defence can support you with our safe, proven VOC programs.

We offer one-off short courses for women, children, and anyone who has been in a violent criminal situation. Government funding may be available.

VOC Programs

Programs are geared to your specific personal circumstances and following an initial, non-intrusive interview, an individual plan is developed incorporating safety, as well as physically active drills that develop confidence, fitness, and defensive skills.

Training is initiated by way of confidential and private “one-on-one” discussion on subjects that are relevant to you in relation to your unique adverse experience.

Topics include violence awareness and prevention, personal security tips, safety plans, crisis & fear management, predator mindset, conflict resolution, types of violence, as well as, practical self defence techniques for a variety of attack and harassment situations.

Whether its one-on-one training for you and your family or group training, Proactive can accommodate you in our purpose-built centre in Thomastown or we can come to you. Sessions are suitable for anybody – any age, shape, fitness level. No prior training experience required.

Speak to us and we can supply a detailed itemised program and quote for your legal representative.


“I cannot recommend Rick and the women’s self defence/ victims of Crime course enough. For what is quite a confronting subject, Rick not only made me feel extremely comfortable but confident. I left the course feeling knowledgable and powerful. Rick catered to my learning style to ensure I retained the information. He was extremely personable and I felt very comfortable asking him specific questions that related to my unique situation. These are skills we should all be taught. As unpleasant as my current situation has been I am extremely grateful I got to learn these skills that I will keep with me for life.” – Crystal

Self Defence designed for you

Individual Training

Tailored for your needs, by appointment.

School & Youth Seminars

On location, at your school or group center.

Weapons Defence

Practical solutions for defence against armed attacks.

Women’s Self Defence

Specialty programs designed for women’s safety and awareness.

Workplace Self Defence

Preventative measures for professional environments.

Private Groups

Tailored for your needs, by appointment.

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