Self Defence

Individual Training

Personalised, individual self defence training helps you understand and increase your personal security awareness with safe, preventative strategies.

Proactive Self Defence training gives you valuable skills which are straightforward, instant and ready for immediate use! All our Self Defence training sessions are suitable for anyone, no matter your fitness level or prior Martial Arts experience.

Self Defence that fits to you and your time

Self Defence sessions are designed to suit your schedule and can be delivered at your home, workplace or at the Proactive Self Defence Academy.

You can choose between specially designed Self Defence modules or have a program tailored for your individual needs.

Self Defence designed for you

School & Youth Seminars

On location, at your school or group center.

Victims of Crime

Rebuild confidence with proactive crisis management.

Weapons Defence

Practical solutions for defence against armed attacks.

Women’s Self Defence

Specialty programs designed for women’s safety and awareness.

Workplace Self Defence

Preventative measures for professional environments.

Private Groups

Tailored for your needs, by appointment.

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