Competition and gym spar training is available for boxers who want to take it to the next level!

With Proactive’s full boxing setup and experienced trainers, you can perfect your offensive and defensive skills to reach your goals!

Our weekly sparring class gives you the opportunity to train and compete at a higher level with like minded training partners pushing each other to our best.

Sparring for fun, experience and competition!

Proactive members have the opportunity to grade in boxing with 10 levels, resulting in Pro Level Boxer, and or compete in various levels of competition from semi contact bouts (Gym Spar) to amateur or pro level competition.

Gym Spar at Proactive

To compete in a gym spar you will need to have some sound defensive and offensive skills. The time it takes will depend on how often you train, your skills and experience in sparring classes. Speak to your boxing coach for further information, about gym spar competitions.

Amateur and Professional Boxing

Experienced Gym spar members may in consultation with your coach be able to compete in amateur or professional Boxing. You will need to become registered with the VABA or Combat sports board and have a medical clearance.

Proactive is a member of the Victorian Amateur Boxing Association.

Sparring Classes

Proactive Top Team Training

Tuesday 5:30pm

MTK Sparring

Monday 7:30pm

Private Training

By Appointment

Interested in Competing?


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