Self Defence

Armed Hold Ups

Weapon attacks are unfortunately  a more common place crime. Cash handling business; petrol stations, jewellery, fast food, and convenience stores are frequently targeted. Home invasions, Car jacking  and street crime make it essential you know what to do if you are in this situation as an employee or customer.

Specialised weapons defence training is essential to better manage what to do if you are threatened in an armed hold-ups, whether it be knife, syringe, club, firearm, You need a plan.

From the basics of how to prepare for emergencies in advance of danger to defensive use of improvised weapons that you carry and use daily, Proactive Self Defence Weapons Defence training gives you knowledge and skills to handle dangerous situations.

Armed Hold Up Action Plans

Whether you’re looking to meet health and safety guidelines or you have been a victim of crime. This training will improve your personal safety.

Proactive Self Defence have run this program since 1992 initially into Papua New Guinea but more often in Australian businesses. Our programs focus on employee and public safety and we can tailor a program to suit your industry.

Weapons Defence sessions can be arranged around your schedule and may be delivered at your workplace, home or at the Proactive Self Defence Academy.

Optional module

Improvised weapons training teaches you how to use common everyday items for self defence purposes.

More Self Defence programs

School & Youth Seminars

On location, at your school or group center.

Victims of Crime

Rebuild confidence with proactive crisis management.

Individual Training

Tailored for your needs, by appointment.

Women’s Self Defence

Specialty programs designed for women’s safety and awareness.

Workplace Self Defence

Preventative measures for professional environments.

Private Groups

Tailored for your needs, by appointment.

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