Team Freestyle

An elite group of Proactive (AFMA, XMA & MTK) members who train and compete in All-Style tournaments in a variety of formats including point, continuous sparring, team events, Kata, forms, breaking, synchronised & to music demonstrations.

Team Freestyle gives selected members the opportunity to compete against competitors from various styles in regular competition, as well as state, national and world titles.

Train to your personal best!

Team Freestyle sessions are specialized classes focusing on Tournament training, and skills required in sports karate. You will learn the rules, strategies and skills required for; Sparring (Point & Continuous), Forms / Kata, Board Breaking, Demonstration and team events.

Team Freestyle training sessions are only open to AFMA members who are 100% committed to training to their personal best.

Team Freestyle for elite members

To make Team Freestyle you must first be invited! You must be over Blue Belt and show the right qualities in general training.

To be invited, you must train hard, display good sportsmanship, and prove you would be a quality ambassador for AFMA. If you meet the above requirements, Your Instructor may nominate you with a formal invitation to try out.

Team Freestyle Mission

  • Develop SKILLS required for sports all style events.
  • Develop WINNING ATTITUDE attitude, by challenging competitors to do their Personal Best in training and competition.
  • Develop FOCUS to train and perform in a variety of environments and situations with total concentration.
  • GOAL setting for team and individual long term plans through short term goals.
  • Develop personal EXCELLENCE.
  • Sportsmanship: RESPECT for opposition, self & team.
  • FUN: Celebrate team efforts.


Tournaments are an excellent sporting challenge. There is a wide range of tournament styles, formats and rules. If you would like to compete please speak to the Team Freestyle Instructors prior as contact levels and rules vary immensely. Your instructor will be able to advise you on which tournaments are suitable, currently Team Freestyle enter NAS & some others as advised.

Team Freestyle Handbook

For Proactive Self Defence Team Freestyle members – download your Team Freestyle Handbook!

Team Freestyle Training Times


9:30am – 10:15am

Interested? Enquire here.


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