Martial Arts

The Proactive Academy hosts multi-disciplined Martial Arts classes from Australian Freestyle Martial Arts to international styles such as Filipino Martial Arts and Capoeira!

Catering for beginners to competitors – our expert instructors will be able to help you learn great technique, increase your fitness and achieve your goals through our fun and focused training!

Freestyle Martial Arts

AFMA was officially ‘born’ in 1999 as Rick O’Brien and his team of Black Belt Instructors established a new syllabus, within a set of guidelines towards a positive direction and an emphasis on personal growth and development. Acknowledgment to Mick Nicholls, of Freestyle Combat who pioneered the Freestyle movement in Australia in 1979.

AFMA is a progressive self defence system based on principles from Martial Arts worldwide. Boxing, Karate, Muay Thai, Kali and Grappling are blended into one unique, effective self defence based Martial Art.

Competition & XMA

Competition training for Martial Arts fighters and Extreme Martial Arts (XMA) – a dynamic mixture of traditional and freestyle martial arts, gymnastics, traditional weapons, including high kicks, tricks and high energy techniques.

International Martial Arts

The Proactive Academy hosts Martial Arts classes teaching styles from all around the world from Capoeira to Filipino Martial Arts, specialising in unarmed techniques to combat and weapons training in traditional styles!