Martial Arts

The Proactive Academy offers multi-disciplined martial arts classes including Freestyle Martial Arts, Xtreme Martial Arts, and a wide variety of international styles.

Catering for beginners, intermediate, & advanced – our wide variety of classes are taught by expert instructors who will help you develop new skills, enhance your technique, and achieve your goals. Choose the style that best suits you!


Freestyle Martial Arts

Australian Freestyle Martial Arts (AFMA) is a progressive self defence system based on principles from Martial Arts worldwide. Boxing, Karate, Muay Thai, Kali and Grappling are blended into one unique, effective self defence based Martial Art.

As a beginner, you will start out as a White Belt in our Novice classes and work your way to becoming a Black Belt, and ultimately reaching the higher Dan Ranking. Proactive also offers RPLs (Recognised Prior Learning) for those coming from different styles to seamlessly transition into AFMA.

See below for the class that best suits you.

AFMA was officially ‘born’ in 1999 as Principal Rick O’Brien and his team established a new syllabus following a set of guidelines focused in a positive direction with an emphasis on personal growth and development. Acknowledgement to Mick Nicholls of Freestyle Combat who pioneered the Freestyle movement in Australia in 1979.

Competition & XMA

Want to challenge yourself? Proactive offers opportunities to train and compete at local, state, national, and international tournaments.

Team Freestyle competes in point and continuous sparring and have weekly high level training sessions. Try outs are held in February each year.

Xtreme Martial Arts (XMA) is a specialised class for those interested in learning high kicks, tricking, gymnastics, and extreme weapons.

XMA Demo Team offers XMA students opportunity to compete in weapons demonstration and tricking.

International Martial Arts

The Proactive Academy offers private training in different martial art styles world wide. We host top Australian and international guest instructors, as well as organise international tours every year to experience rich arts and cultures.