Muay Thai Kickboxing

Proactive Muay Thai Kickboxing (MTK) incorporates a hybrid blend of traditional Muay Thai, Western Boxing, and Kickboxing with classes suitable for all ages and levels of experience, from beginners to fighters.

MTK is a unique system that’s fully graded to allow you to reach training goals in a timely and efficient manner. Each level is a more progressive, challenging and rewarding step towards MTK mastery, Pro Level 10.

The MTK syllabus was developed by Rick O’Brien in 1992 after his 2nd trip to Thailand using modern coaching principles to develop a skill based learning method for his personal training clients.

Pro Level is an awesome challenge similar to a Black Belt, yet specific to Muay Thai with the skills, fitness and conditioning of a Proffesional fighter. Contact levels are controlled as you will come up against all wieghts, heights and skills in the challenging high pressure sparring associated with the higher Pro Level Gradings.