Self Defence

Women’s Self Defence

Personal safety should be your right! Unfortunately statistics continue to show cases of harassment and violence which prove this just isn’t the case.
Be prepared, have a plan for likely situations of harassment, threats, stalking, sexual or violent abuse from strangers and more often from someone we know.

Proactive Self Defence helps build your confidence with easy-to-learns skills that are straightforward, instant and ready for immediate use. Suitable for anyone, no matter your fitness level, age or prior Martial Arts experience.

Women’s Self Defence Training

Our One-Off Workshops are short courses which help develop awareness and prevention skills, as well as basic self defence escapes. Proactive can tailor the course content to your specific needs. Alternately, we offer 4 types of set 2-hour modules that are popular with workplaces, schools, clubs, and family & friend groups. These modules can be delivered at Proactive Academy or we can come to you.

1 Personal Security: Awareness & prevention including personal security tips

2 Practical Self Defence: Simple, instinctive escapes and targeting

3 Anti Rape: Ground defence and what to do against common grabs

4 Weapons Defence: What to do and how to use your everyday items to your advantage

Proactive Academy also offer Ongoing Training with over 50 classes per week to develop your practical skills in a variety of formats.

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What others have to say…

Dear Rick,
Thank you for the work you do, it was a pleasure to have met you. I now feel much more confident and aware which is vital for us seniors travelling by public transport.
Sincerely, Jennifer

Self Defence designed for you

School & Youth Seminars

On location, at your school or group center.

Victims of Crime

Rebuild confidence with proactive crisis management.

Weapons Defence

Practical solutions for defence against armed attacks.

Individual Training

Tailored for your needs, by appointment.

Workplace Self Defence

Preventative measures for professional environments.

Private Groups

Tailored for your needs, by appointment.

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