Muay Thai Kickboxing

Proactive Top Team

An elite group of Proactive (MTK, Boxing, and AFMA) members who train and compete in boxing, kickboxing, and modified Muay Thai sparring matches in regular interclub gym spars.

Proactive Top Team gives selected members the opportunity to compete in semi-contact sparring against competitors from various gyms around Melbourne.

Train to your personal best!

Top Team sessions are specialised classes focusing on sparring training, and skills required in competition. You will learn the rules, strategies and skills required for the style of your choice; whether it be boxing, kickboxing, or modified Muay Thai.

Top Team training sessions are open to members who are 100% committed to training to their personal best.

Top Team for elite members

To make it to Top Team you must first be invited! You must be over Level 4 in MTK, Blue Belt in AFMA, or at least intermediate level in Boxing and MMA and show the right qualities in general training.

To be invited, you must train hard and display proficient skill in sparring. Proactive’s mission is to protect our members. And thus, if you are not ready or fully prepared, you do not fight at this level. But if you are fit, skilled, and proficient you will be guaranteed a professional level preparation, even matching and support leading up to, during and after the event to give you the edge.

Top Team Coaches

Brandon Rankin (MTK Pro Level 10) has taken the reigns from Coach Tim Laughton who continues to keep a close eye on the team. Brandon has competed in numerous gym spars, martial arts tournaments and has trained in Thailand.

Gym Spars: Interclub Boxing, Kick Boxing & Muay Thai competition

Every 2-3 months, the main kick boxing gyms from around Melbourne get together for a friendly gym spar. This involves 2 x 90 second rounds at semi contact sparring in the ring with an opponent from another gym matched to your height, weight, and experience. This is a great learning exercise that gives everyone the opportunity to experience the fear, nerves, and adrenaline of a bout. Ask your trainer whether you’re eligible.

Top Team Training Times


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