Muay Thai Kickboxing


In need of a challenge? Test your skills and enhance your technique!

Proactive’s Sparring Class offers challenging drills and skills development in a controlled safe contact environment. Boxers, kick boxers, Muay Thai and Freestylers all welcome!

Sparring Challenges

Proactive offers regular class sparring for those who want to enhance their technique, reach a personal goal, or prepare for the relentless sparring sessions during gradings. We also hold weekly sparring training sessions specially for those interested in competing in gym spars.

Sparring Training

Proactive offers challenging sparring classes based on skill development using controlled contact and various drills to accelerate your learning. This class is suitable for men, women, teen or adults coming from any martial arts style.

If you’re looking for a guided in a supportive framework to develop strong defence and improve targeting and offensive skills, then this class is for you!

Sparring class is suitable for those wanting to step up the challenge and fitness to reach competition skill levels. Whether you want to compete in gym spars, prepare for a grading, or compete in amateur or pro fighting, this class will help you reach your potential.

WARNING this is a tough class, and suitable only for those who want to be physically and mentally tested and pushed to the best of their abilities! Must be Level 4 MTK, Green AFMA or Intermediate Boxing/MMA.

You are required to supply your own personal protective gear for safety and personal hygiene. This includes the basics; having your own mouth guard, boxing gloves (preferably 16 oz.), shin guards (for kickboxers), elbow and knee guard (MTK), and groin guard (males)/ breast guard (females). Headguards recommended.

Gym Spars: Interclub Boxing, Kick Boxing & Muay Thai competition

Every 3 months the main kick boxing gyms from around Melbourne get together for a friendly gym spar. This involves 2 x 90 second rounds at semi contact sparring in the ring with an opponent from another gym matched to your height, weight, and experience. This is a great learning exercise that gives everyone the opportunity to experience the fear, nerves, and adrenaline of a bout. You must be a member of Proactive Top Team to partake.

Sparring Session Times


7:40pm – 8:15pm

Private Training

By Appointment

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