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Proactive Self Defence specialises in anti-bullying, saying “No” to violence, stranger awareness, all inclusive safety and personal security programs for kids.

Short simple workshops suitable for Primary and Secondary School aged children delivered by specialist instructors at your school.

Teen Safe Secondary Program

Proactive Self Defence offer safe, responsible and positive personal security and safety programs that teenage students (and teachers) enjoy. The Proactive Teen safe program has been a very popular program with schools and youth services groups since 1992. This is not a karate or taekwondo sales class. This is a proven method of educating teens in regards to how to better deal with violence by developing awareness and prevention strategies, reinforced with practical drills that are safe, focussing on escaping, or surviving real or potential threats. Proactive encourage non violent resolutions as primary objective.

Kids Safe Primary School

The Proactive Kids Safe program focuses on educating children on the negative effects of violence and bullying. Topics may include; Awareness and prevention strategies, Saying No to bullies, Being a good Bystander, Good touching & Bad touching, and Street Smart Safety Tips (In Home, Telephone, Internet, Public transport, At the shops, On Holidays, What if im lost). Positive body and verbal language, maintaining a safe range, passive escapes and getting help.

Proactive Instructors that run programs are fully qualified professional instructors with working with children checks, and selected for there expertise with educating children. Programs can be fitted to suit your schools timetable and budget.

Youth and kids’ Self Defence subjects

What is violence (Verbal, emotional, racism, exclusion & physical)
Say NO to violence (No one like Bullies!)
Be a ‘hard’ target (Assertive body language)
Using your voice (Verbal strategies for diffusing or distracting)
When to run, hide, scream and get help
Personal Safety Tips (Home, Travelling, Shops)
Dealing with Bullying(Strategies and tips)

Stranger Awareness (anyone they dont know)
Family Rules (personal info, who can pick you up, code words)
What to do if you’re lost
Good & Bad Touching (maybe someone they know, but don’t feel comfortable with)
Getting Help (Dialing 000, Home, Safe People/Places)
Escape drills & Passive defence

What others have to say…

I just wanted to thank you and your staff for all the efforts at Loyola last week with the year 8s, the feedback I have received from the school and most importantly the kids has been very positive and I am sure they look forward to hopefully seeing you guys out there again next year.
Phil, Loloya College, Watsonia

Other Self Defence programs

Private Group Sessions

Tailored for your needs, by appointment.

Victims of Crime

Rebuild confidence with proactive crisis management.

Weapons Defence

Practical solutions for defence against armed attacks.

Women’s Self Defence

Specialty programs designed for women’s safety and awareness.

Workplace Self Defence

Preventative measures for professional environments.

Private Groups

Tailored for your needs, by appointment.

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