Muay Thai Kickboxing

Adult Kickboxing

Muay Thai Kickboxing (MTK) incorporates a hybrid blend of traditional Muay Thai, Western boxing, and kickboxing into one unique and effective skill-based self defence discipline. Classes are safe, fun, and friendly where members work at their own pace.

Classes cater for all levels of skill and experience – from beginners, intermediate, and advanced, with a separate sparring class available.

Muay Thai

Muay Thai is the ancient fighting art of Thailand and proud fighting heritage of the Thai people. Thai boxers utilise 8 weapons; fists, elbows, knees and feet within kicking, boxing, elbow, knee and grappling ranges.

Proactive organises regular training tours to Thailand giving members and families the opportunity to live and breathe Muay Thai.

The MTK syllabus was developed by Head Coach Rick O’Brien in 1992 after 13 years of training in Muay Thai. Rick uses modern coaching principles to develop a progressive and safe skill based learning method.

Effective and fun!

MTK classes improve physical and mental health. Classes develop fitness and skills quickly and easily with its fun, effective, and enjoyable approach! A typical session will see members warming up and working out to music and blasting away at kick bags, Thai Pads, and focus pads to full effect.

There is a strong emphasis on boxing glove and defence drills. There is NO sparring for beginners. However, when you reach a proficient level you will practice light sparring in a controlled environment. To ensure the safety of members, contact levels in MTK classes are controlled (touch contact) to account for the wide variation in members’ weights, heights, and skills.

By ‘chunking skills’ from basics to advanced, Proactive offer a progressive syllabus that gives instructor and student feedback on skill development and proficiency.

Progressive learning

MTK is a unique system that’s fully graded to allow you to reach training goals in a timely and efficient manner. Members who start without any prior martial arts experience start as Beginners Level 0 (white pranjeet/ armband). MTK’s progressive grading syllabus allows members to work their own pace and gain the skills required to level up, until they ultimately reach PRO Level 10 (black pranjeet). Each grading acts as a stepping stone with each level becoming more challenging than the one before. The MTK system cultivates goal-setting, motivation, and confidence.

Proactive respects all arts and especially support those who venture into ‘new’ territory. We offer RPLs (Recognised Prior Learning) for those coming from different styles to seamlessly transition into MTK.

Coaching & teaching style

Proactive Instructors are qualified professional & volunteer sports coaches with a minimum Cert III qualification. Instructors are selected based on their skill, passion, friendliness, and ability to communicate.

Proactive instructors break down skills so it’s easy for you to learn. You will be amazed at how quickly & easily you will instinctively & naturally use your new skills.

No previous fitness level is required as training is progressive in nature. As your skills develop, so too will your fitness and conditioning.

Interested in some healthy competition?

Members who enjoy competition can get the opportunity to fight against members of neighbouring gyms in local gym spars by joining the Proactive Top Team.

*Minimum belt requirements applicable.

Adult MTK Class Times


All Levels:
6:50pm – 7:40pm

Sparring Class:
7:45pm – 8:35pm


All Levels:
6:50pm – 7:40pm


All Levels:
6:50pm – 7:40pm


All Levels:
11am – 11:55am

Private Training

By Appointment

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