Muay Thai Kickboxing

Adult Kickboxing Classes

The ancient fighting art of Thailand and proud fighting heritage of the Thai people.

Develop fitness and skills quickly and easily with Proactive Muay Thai Kickboxing’s enjoyable approach! It’s fun, effective, safe & suitable for everybody!

Muay Thai Kickboxing for adults

MTK syllabus was developed by Rick O’Brien in 1992 after 13 years of training in Muay Thai and his 2nd trip to Thailand. Rick developed the MTK syllabus using modern coaching principles to develop a progressive skill based learning method initially for his personal training clients and in 1999 for group classes. MTK incorporates a hybrid blend of traditional Muay Thai, Western Boxing, and Kickboxing.

Effective and fun!

Sessions are fun and friendly with music to warm up and work out to. A typical session will see you blasting away at Kick bags, Thai Pads and Focus Pads to full effect. Instructors and assistants have formal coaching training to help guide you through classes.

There is a strong emphasis on Boxing glove and defence drills. There is NO sparring for beginners. When you reach a proficient level you will practice light sparring in a safe and controlled environment

By ‘chunking skills’ from basics to advanced, Proactive offer a progressive syllabus that gives instructor and student feedback on skill development and proficiency for maximum results.

Adult MTK Class Times


6:45pm – 7:35pm

7:30pm – 8:20pm


Intermediate / Open:
7:00pm – 7:50pm


6:45pm – 7:35pm

Intermediate / Advanced:
7:30pm – 8:25pm


Intermediate / Open:
7:00pm – 7:50pm


Intermediate / Open:
10:45pm – 11:35pm

Private Training

By Appointment

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