XMA Demo Team

An elite group of Proactive members who train specifically in Xtreme Martial Arts and represent Proactive Self Defence.

Being a part of the XMA Demo Team gives members the opportunity to showcase skills learned in class in community/ school demonstrations as well as compete in local, state, and national tournaments.

Ready to showcase your skills?

So, you have been training in the Xtreme Martial Arts classes and you now feel ready to take your training to the next level. Can you see yourself performing high kicks, spin kicks, and throwing weapons around in front of a crowd?

Being a member of the XMA Demo Team gives you the opportunity to show off the skills you’ve learned in the XMA class by participating in community demonstrations and competing in tournaments. By joining the XMA Demo Team, you are given the chance to specialise in your weapon of choice, challenge yourself, and hone the skills you need to achieve your goals!

Minimum skill level required

To join the XMA Demo Team, you must be a current member of Proactive and regularly attend XMA classes. AFMA Blue belt or equivalent is the minimum belt level required and you must be aged 8 years old and above.

Instructors may give exemptions on individual merits where recognised acrobatics, gymnastics, or other skills are present.

Community demonstrations

School fetes, community events, and grand openings.


XMA Demo Team members can compete against other extreme martial artists at local, state, national, and international level. See your instructor for details.

Proactive Presentation Night

Blow away family, friends, and your fellow Proactive members by showcasing your skill at our Annual Presentation Night!

Xtreme Martial Arts


Private Training

XMA Demo Team members may train in groups or privately as needed.


XMA Demo Team demonstrations may be booked for days and times around the team’s training schedule.

Demonstration Bookings


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