Freestyle Martial Arts

Extreme Martial Arts

The new exciting and high adrenaline style of martial arts taking the world by storm!

XMA is a dynamic mixture of traditional and freestyle martial arts, gymnastics, traditional weapons (nun chuku, sai, bo, kama), including high kicks, tricks and high energy techniques.

Extreme Martial Arts at PSD

The purpose built PSD Academy with its fully matted floors and premium learning facility offers a progressive XMA program and syllabus that is an excellent adjunct to current AFMA, Kid Fit, Teen Fit & Kali Masters classes for those members wishing to push their own boundaries.

XMA in Hollywood

XMA has been popularized by box office hit movies (such as shark boy & lava girl, spy kids, ong bak, etc) and fueled through tournament circuits worldwide.

XMA’s emergence from Hollywood and the demand for more exciting and extreme manoeuvres coupled with an increase in Xtreme Tournament divisions such as creative forms and Kata has snowballed to incorporate professional level presentations and showmanship into demonstrations.

Minimum skill level required

XMA members must be a minimum level of Blue Belt AFMA, or by RPL assessment (Recognized Prior Learning). XMA Head Coach Sensei Michael Cundari offers a challenging dynamic skill based class.

 Proactive XMA Classes

XMA classes sizes are gathering momentum in size and skills as new members discover the fulfillment is finally mastering a difficult maneuver. XMA develops perseverance as most techniques take time (weeks, months ,even years to learn through practicing, failing, practicing again, falling until one day you do it.

XMA is hard core physical training and suitable for those who already have a solid grounding in martial arts. Basics include foundation strength and balance exercises to build confidence and endurance to perform the increasingly more challenging techniques.

 XMA Training Techniques

  • Warm up, Skip, jog, relay drills and stretch
  • Break falls (because we all do!)
  • Balance & high kicking drills
  • Weapon fundamentals
  • Creative expression
  • Strength exercises
  • Advanced stretching

XMA Latitude

  • Freestyle Expression (Creative Form)
  • Freestyle Weapons (Creative Weapon)
  • Traditional Kata (Creative Kata, Synchro-nised Kata to music)
  • Demonstrations (Solo, Duet, Trio, Group)
  • Tamawashi Breaking (Boards, tiles, concrete, multiple breaking, etc)
  • Traditional Weapons (Staff, Kama, Nun-Chaka, Bo, Katana Sword)

XMA Weapons

XMA weapons enhance hand eye speed, and co-ordination improving skill, confidence and flexibility of participants. ProActive offers members the ability to train under the guidance of licensed qualified weapon instructors, without members needing weapon licences. Note however members must be licensed to; purchase, possess or use weapons at home or at tournaments.

XMA Tournament Demonstrations

Participation in tournaments and demonstrations is not essential, but is encouraged and recommended for increased improvement, enjoyment, goal setting, team work, personal confidence and presentation benefits.

Participants are not necessarily guaranteed a place in Team Freestyle or Demo Teams but may be invited to join on application and consultation with Team Freestyle head Coach and Team Manager.

Demo Team

Extreme demonstrations are gaining popularity as the skill and entertainment level raises each year through competition and the phenomenal growth in XMA training. The demo team perform XMA kicks, tricks and extreme weapons as well as breaking, forms and creative drills in front of audiences.

Proactive offer 2 levels of competition and demo. XMA members have performed at fetes and community events. Team Freestyle members perform an awesome annual demo at annual presentation night, but can also be seen at games & movie releases, school fairs, and various community events.

XMA Class Times


7:00pm – 7:45pm


10:00am – 10:45pm

Private Training

XMA members may train in groups or privately as needed.


XMA demonstrations may be booked for days and times around members’ training schedule.

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