Self Defence

Workplace Self Defence Training

Do you or your staff have to deal with; difficult clients, cash handling, home visits, mental health, loss prevention? Having a safety plan is vital to your brand, your staff and your clients. Be Proactive!

Workplace self defence training focused on violence awareness and prevention. Tailored programs, 1 hour to 1 day to suit your industry, delivered on or off site.

Violence Awareness & Prevention Training

Proactive Self Defence has since 1992 ran workplace training throughout Australia to various industries; Property management, Mental Health, Nursing, ambulatory and Medical staff, Retail Loss Prevention, Convenience stores, chambers of commerce, Security, Education, Expatriate and other high risk services.

The Personal Security & Passive self defence program was developed by proactive principal instructor Rick O’Brien initially for workplaces to meet personal security, as well as health and safety concerns of staff in a positive, safe and time efficient program. Programs are geared specifically towards workplace requirements, and pending industry may cover general personal security and may cover subjects as far reaching as; difficult customers, verbal & physical threats, armed hold ups, sexual abuse, road rage. The objective being, to provide practical and strategic training specific to each workplace. The strategic training focus on violence awareness and prevention included; Client history, workplace safety, levels of threat, dealing with crisis /fear, awareness levels, experienced staff tips forum, and warning signs. The practical skills focus on simple non intrusive practical skills including; positioning, defensive escapes and passive and offensive responses to common threats or attacks.

The program usually include PowerPoint presentation interspersed with practical skills and drills suitable for any age, without any previous training or fitness requirements. This program is suitable for every body! Proactive also offer health and well-being workshops for team building and staff motivation.

Proactive Workplace Programs

  • Health & Disability services.
  • Retail Loss & Prevention.
  • Cash Handling.
  • Hospitality.
  • Government departments.
  • International Expatriates & Families (Pre trip or on location)
  • Education & Training.

Workplace Training

  • Empowers staff to do the job confidently.
  • Reduces the risk of incidents.
  • Improves staff morale.
  • Reduces absenteeism.
  • Improves Health and safety may reduce risk management issues or work cover claims.
  • Keeps all members of team on the same page in regards to handling incidents.

What others have to say…

I really enjoyed the self‐defence classes and thought that Rick was fantastic, I felt I got a lot out of the sessions. I am even considering using Rick for future team building events. 

The tips that were given on general awareness and avoidance I have already started using and I feel I have gained a bit of confidence on what to do in a violent situation.I would be keen to attend other wellness classes in the future.
Caitlin, Vocus Communications, Melbourne

Self Defence designed for you

School & Youth Seminars

On location, at your school or group center.

Victims of Crime

Rebuild confidence with proactive crisis management.

Weapons Defence

Practical solutions for defence against armed attacks.

Women’s Self Defence

Specialty programs designed for women’s safety and awareness.

Individual Training

Tailored for your needs, by appointment.

Private Groups

Tailored for your needs, by appointment.

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